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Since 2006 Artswank has been collecting artworks internationally, situating itself at the forefront of contemporary collections. Initiated by artist, curator and collector Michael Burkitt, Artswank looks to initiate arts exchange through critically engaged procurement. 



The Centraal Museum in Utrecht appointed Sotheby’s to sell a selected number of works from their collection. 1,400 objects were offered to Dutch museums and Sotheby’s auctioned what remained on Sunday 12 March 2006 at the Centraal Museum.  All items were to be sold without a reserve. Public viewing days were held in the museum prior to the sale in order to ‘view the pieces in their current museum environment’ [1].  Sotheby’s produced a catalogue at the request of the Centraal Museum to assist Dutch museums in their choices.



Michael Burkitt purchased a work from the museums collection. The work was not illustrated in the catalogue. 





[1] Grol, Mark

Managing Director Sotheby’s Amsterdam (2006) Uit Het Depot Het Afstotingsbeleid Van Het Centraal Museum.

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