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JUNE 2014 - AUGUST 2015



32 High Street



In March 2014 the Scunthorpe Evening Telegraph asked ‘What next for our town centre?’ [1]


In April 2014 local artist and tutor Michael Burkitt met with North Lincolnshire Council Arts Officer Lisa Moran to discuss opportunities for artists in North Lincolnshire. Michael proposed to temporarily occupy an empty property to facilitate an art exhibition with Foundation Art and Design students with the ambition to build on that success and programme a series of exhibitions and events that would be of benefit to local artists and inclusive of the wider community. In addition Michael had a long term vision to make studio provision for local artists, craftspeople and writers. Lisa Moran was in support of these ideas and arranged a meeting with Lucy Pickering (Commercial Properties) who would talk through the possibilities of leasing a building.


At this point Michael consulted with Yvonne Carmichael of Art in Unusual Spaces CIC to discuss temporary leasing of commercial property. Yvonne agreed to work in partnership with Michael. With the support of North Lincolnshire Council a temporary lease was granted in the first instance to organise an exhibition and Art in Unusual Spaces CIC made an application to North Lincolnshire Council for Business Rate Relief.


Following the success of Foundation Diploma exhibition in June 2014 a rolling month to month lease was signed and the rate relief application was successful. At this point an agreement was made to encourage artists to use the space as a studio for a monthly contribution to cover the running costs of the gallery which included a percentage of the business rates, utilities and buildings insurance.


Between June 2014 and August 2015 a programme of ten exhibitions and associated events was realised. During this time four artists used the studio facility and utilised this opportunity to develop their practice, network with other artists, work creatively with others and progress their career, with opportunities to exhibit work in North Lincolnshire. On 24th July 2015 notice was given to Lucy Pickering of North Lincolnshire Council that Michael Burkitt would be stepping down as lease holder as he intended to move to London. The final event at 3irty2wo was an exhibition of his work which closed on 23rd August 2015.


[1] Scunthorpe Telegraph Thursday March 27 – April 2 2014 p.12




Exhibitions and Events:



Window display – Student work

Ten Weeks – Foundation Diploma Art and Design student exhibition

Naomi Wong – A solo exhibition of photography by Naomi Wong

Art Party – International Film Premiere Bob & Roberta Smith

Final Frontier - Jessica Voorsanger

Open Studio – Work exhibited by studio holders



Purl – A solo exhibition by Gwennaelle Cook

Unusual Space – An open exhibition including artists from throughout the UK

Communal Salad – Foundation Diploma Art and Design student exhibition

&SCORE – Sammy-John Cook

*Things Michael Burkitt has made and the Final Event at his Gallery - Michael Burkitt



Having moved back to North Lincolnshire St. Martin’s Fine Art graduate Gwennaelle Cook said that she “found it really useful to have a space to work in, especially as the studio is affordable and so close to the bus station.” Gwen used the studio space to meet other studio holders, which led to paid working opportunities, as well as utilising the project space to have her first ever solo exhibition.


3irty2wo provided Gwen with a facility which helped her to continue her artistic practice eventually with her selling her work to private collectors.


Studio holders: Gwennaelle Cook, Dominic Mason, Sammy John-Cook, Elsie Diamond




3irty2wo engaged with local community Café INDIEpendent to run a free arts workshop where young people were encouraged to make a placard about something they wanted to see change in the world. The placards were then marched down the high street and installed at 3irty2wo as part of the exhibition Art Party.

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