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Since 2003 Michael Burkitt has been drawing large numbers using tally marks. Whilst on a Foundation Diploma in Art & Design at Leeds College of Art & Design he began a series of works where he visualised the days he had been alive. He continues to make these drawings to this day.


However he now makes them to signify other quantities such as populations, voters, visitors and other people’s lifespans, believing that by visualising abstract units we can create an understanding of, and a new perspective on, anything. Each work is titled with the number it depicts and that number is retired after it has been made, so no two numbers will ever be replicated. This creates a distinctly personal work for each commission. If you would like to commission a work simply think of a number that you would like to see drawn, usually something with a particular significance to you and select the colour combination you would prefer.


You will receive your personalised original within 28 days of purchase. Please remember to outline the number you wish to be drawn. Prices from £450, relative to number purchased. Dimensions variable. Each work is made by hand and signed by the artist.


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