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A film by Michael Burkitt

April 2022


A Steelworker’s Story is an intimate, affectionate, and deeply human history of the life of a steelworker from Scunthorpe. From school to retirement, the subject of this moving short film returns to the steelworks for the first time in 22 years, generously sharing his lived experience of work, family life and friendships; galvanised by steel. 


Commissioned for ‘Art That Made Us Festival’ by the 20-21 Visual Arts Centre and North Lincolnshire Museum, A Steelworker’s Story is a thoughtful and reflective journey through the time of one person’s life in Scunthorpe making steel for 36 years. Set to original music composed by Ian Matthews, the film was made by the steelworker’s son and was shot over 4 days in March 2022. 


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